AquaCoco is a local industry [ou "potiguar industry"] of processing green coconut and fruit juices, settled in Maxaranguape city, Rio Grande do Norte. Since 2002, the company's product mix includes coconut water, Sumo tropical juices and green coconut compote, all made from highly selected fruits.

The main differential is the manufacturing of our products, which has a fully automated process, following the strictest standards of hygiene required by the Ministry of Agriculture, guaranteeing the PAS certification (Safe Food Program). In addition, the factory has several distribution centers, with a cold chamber structure, to conserve and maintain the quality of the products, guaranteeing the unmistakable flavor and high nutritional value that everyone knows.

Currently, AquaCoco distributes its products to several states in Brazil as well as other countries, being a company with an unmistakable production quality, which guarantees the delicious taste of all its products.


Aquacoco has the truest coconut water, without preservatives and pure as found in the nature!

AquaCoco is extremely strict with the quality standards of its industrial production, so the coconut water, the jam and Sumo tropical juices are certified by the Safe Food Program (PAS) and properly registered at the brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. The coconut water process of production begins at the selection of the best coconuts for the water extraction, with a sweet flavor everyone loves. All equipment and manufacturing materials are made from stainless steel and all processes are automatized. After the coconuts were washed and their water extracted, the later is cooled immediately to a  4ºC temperature to conserve the product at its best consuming form. This way, you can find your coconut water natural and cold.

Manufactured with the same caution, AquaCoco’s green coconut jam is made with the fruit’s pulp and it is really delicious, with a fresh homemade flavour.

The same is applied to the delicious Sumo fruit juices. With the real fruit flavor, because it is produced from the natural fruit’s pulp, it is full bodied and easy to compare with your homemade fruit juice. All due to the manufacturing process, similar to coconut water, free of human contact and with cooling temperature up to 4ºC to ensure a healthier and more nutritious juice for you.